LUXAZA 15PCS Professional Makeup Brush Set,Sparkling Crystal Style Makeup Brushes Premium Synthetic Include Foundation…


ūüíé„ÄźSparking Crystal Style Makeup Brush Set„ÄĎ – Made of durable plastic,the irregular crystal design of the handle under the light is full of gorgeous looks with dreamy rendering color.The handle is designed with grooves make you have a really nice and comfortable grip on them.
ūüíé„ÄźPremium Synthetic Silky Bristles„ÄĎ – Made of soft synthetic fiber,the bristles are very soft and dense.You can blend smoothly using these makeup brushes.They’re waterproof and non-shedding,so hold up well during cleaning.
ūüíé„ÄźFluffy & Soft & Delicate Brushes for Makeup„ÄĎ – The delicate bristles move so softly on your skin,but the base of the bristles have perfect stiffness to let you do well in your makeup.